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I love growth! I’m in a season of my life where each day holds a mysterious and fascinating awe for me as I watch my family grow, my entrepreneurial endeavors grow, and experience continued personal growth as well!

I love the sweet segment in the movie “City of Angels” where Seth the angel sitting at a picnic table and a little girl reaches up and caresses his face and says very gently, “Listen, can you hear it? I’m growing!”

Come grow with me as we build our businesses together and serve others in ways that point them to Christ, our Redeemer!

Grow with me as we apply practical principals to offer services, create programs and promote products to our customers! Business Coaching

Come grow with me as we learn to honor God by Counseling from HIS Word! Relationship Coaching

Grow with me as we challenge each other to write precious words that will build a legacy for future generations.  Let’s publish those words in ways that are efficient and inexpensive-every new book for me is like opening a new Christmas present. Publication Coaching